Why College Students Benefit from Self Storage Year-Round

Published on 3/27/2024
Ready to do something about that cramped dorm room? Many college students turn to self storage as a year-round, affordable solution. Rather than struggling with clutter or transporting items home during breaks, students can take advantage of local self storage facilities to safely hold onto their possessions throughout the year. It’s an economical way to manage space, secure belongings, and keep items within easy reach whenever they are needed. Look through General de Gaulle Storage’s available storage units to find a student storage solution to fit your situation! year-long student storage for Algiers NOLA

How Long-Term Student Storage Simplifies Your College Experience

One Storage Spot All Four Years

A lot of major changes can take place in the few years you are on your campus. Using a self storage facility can make it a little easier, particularly for those who travel home often during academic breaks or students who are enrolled in study abroad courses. If you’re an international student staying in New Orleans, a secure self storage facility in close proximity to your institution can offset the need for hefty shipping fees. Instead of dealing with the logistics of moving belongings between multiple homes, opt for a year-round self storage solution for an easier overall experience.

More Secure Than Your Dorm or Apartment

Feeling apprehensive about leaving your personal items in a communal residence hall during your semester breaks? Facilities like General de Gaulle Storage take these concerns seriously, and that’s why we emphasize all our security efforts. We have continuous video monitoring around the facility, along with staff that regularly monitors the grounds. Additionally, gated entry requires an access code that only tenants and staff possess. Learn more about General de Gaulle Storage’s operations.

Stay Organized

Trust us, we understand clutter better than anyone, but a disorganized space does not have to take over your living area. Residence halls rarely come with spacious storage areas, so renting a budget-friendly storage unit can be a saving grace for students. Tuck away textbooks from old classes, snowsports gear that won’t see use until winter, seasonal clothing, and so much more. These kinds of items do not need to be using up valuable space in your dorm or apartment.

Maintain a Budget

Self storage offers an affordable solution for college students, whether short-term or throughout the year. The ability to choose from different unit sizes means students only need to pay for the space that truly matches their needs. This budget-conscious approach helps students stash and run—able to focus on their rest and academic work, rather than being sidetracked by storage problems during semester breaks. 

Student Storage in Algiers, New Orleans

New Orleans is home to numerous outstanding higher educations institutions, and with that, thousands of students that flood in and out of the city with each semester. Make General de Gaulle Storage your #1 solution for staying organized throughout your time in school. We proudly support students of the University of Holy Cross—right up Woodland Drive from our storage facility. Check out our online storage rentals for the storage units we currently have available!