Things to Do in Algiers, New Orleans

Published on 3/27/2024
Do you live in New Orleans? General de Gaulle Storage is proud to serve our NOLA neighbors through life’s big transitions, like moving, downsizing, and remodeling. As you take on those big projects, our self storage can help you organize and settle into your space. Get to know our city through our guide and find fun things to do in New Orleans for the whole family!

Canal Street Ferry - Algiers New Orleans LA

Canal Street Ferry by Reading Tom lic CC BY 2.0

Discover Things to Do in Algiers, New Orleans, LA

Population: 25,995

New Orleans is famous for its Mardi Gras celebrations and general liveliness throughout the city. Seeded in its rich history, NOLA’s culture is a melting pot—from its cuisine to its architecture and community events. Algiers is the second-oldest neighborhood in the city—just across the Mississippi River from the French Quarter.

Our West Bank Neighborhood

Contrary to the bustle of the popular New Orleans tourist attractions on the East Bank, our West Bank neighborhood offers a serene visit. We are connected to downtown by one of the nation’s oldest ferries. When you catch it from Algiers Point, you get a fantastic view of the New Orleans skyline. Also while in Algiers, take in the area’s colorful buildings and neighborhoods. Victorian cottages and Craftsman-style architecture tell the history of the neighborhood’s rebuild in the early 1900s. After a fire destroyed many of Algiers’ oldest buildings in 1985, residents built many homes that still stand today. Enjoy a walk back in time through NOLA’s shotgun houses.

New Orleans, LA
New Orleans, LA by Pedro Szekely lic CC BY-SA 2.0

Venture Over to the East Bank & the French Quarter

Is it really a trip to New Orleans without visiting Bourbon Street? On the other side of the river, the French Quarter beams with 21-and-over activities for any time of day. Visit Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, the United States’ oldest structure used as a bar, and Galatoire’s Restaurant, one of New Orleans’ oldest and most popular restaurants. Take in the best intersection of local and tourist NOLA in the French Quarter.

Restaurants to Try in Algiers

New Orleans food is an attraction in and of itself. Get a taste of the signature Cajon and Creole dishes that people travel near and far to experience. While many of the well-known spots in the city are across the river, here are a few of our favorite dining spots right here in Algiers.

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